So, you’ve got a brilliant product, and you’re want to share it with the world. Well, you’re in luck! Amazon, the giant of online marketplaces, offers a fantastic platform for you to showcase and sell your wares. Whether you’re an eCommerce newbie or a seasoned seller, this blog post will walk you through the exciting journey of selling on Amazon.


Getting Started: The Basics of Selling on Amazon

Before you become an Amazon seller, it’s important to understand the fundamental concepts. First and foremost, you’ll need an Amazon seller account. You can choose between an Individual or Professional account, depending on your business needs.

  1. Individual: An Individual seller account is typically the choice for those who are just starting out, plan to sell a limited number of items, or even just selling items from time to time. With this account, you pay a per-item fee for each product you sell, which can be more cost-effective for low-volume sellers.
  2. Professional: This type of account caters to established businesses and high-volume sellers. It comes with a monthly subscription fee, but it grants you access to several benefits, such as bulk listing tools, customizable shipping rates, and the ability to qualify for Amazon Prime and the Featured Offer, which can significantly boost your sales.


Picking Your Niche

Before you put a product up for sale, think about what you want to sell. To make a splash in the vast Amazon ocean, finding your niche is vital. How to find the right niche? Research, research, and research some more! Look for products that are in demand but not saturated with competition. Amazon tools like the Best Sellers Rank can give you insights into which products are trending. Remember, selling niche products can often be more profitable than selling broad categories.


Listing Your Products

Once you’ve chosen your niche, it’s time to create product listings. This is where you have a chance to shine. Write compelling and accurate product descriptions, and don’t forget high-quality images. Your product title should be clear and informative, with keywords that match what shoppers are searching for. If you’re unsure about how to optimise your listings, there are various online tools and services available to help you succeed.


Pricing Strategies

The price tag on your products can make or break your sales. Setting a competitive yet profitable price is key. Amazon’s Featured Offer (formerly known as the Buy Box) is where most sales happen, and to be featured there, your prices should be competitive. Take your competitors into account, and consider offering free shipping if possible. Always keep an eye on your product’s performance and adjust your pricing strategies accordingly.


Fulfilment Options

Amazon offers two primary fulfilment options: Fulfilled by Amazon (FBA) and Fulfilled by Merchant (FBM). With FBA, Amazon takes care of storage, packing, and shipping, while FBM puts the onus on you to handle all these aspects. Your choice depends on your business model and preferences. FBA can save you time and stress, but it comes at a cost. FBM offers more control but requires more work on your part.


Marketing and Advertising

Don’t just sit and wait for sales to roll in; take an active role in promoting your products! Amazon Ads is a powerful tool to increase your product’s visibility. You can create sponsored products, brand stores, and custom ad campaigns to reach a broader audience. Additionally, leveraging social media and external marketing efforts can help drive traffic to your Amazon listings.


Customer Service

Customer satisfaction is paramount on Amazon. Ensure you respond promptly to customer inquiries and address any issues or returns promptly. Your seller rating and feedback are public, so maintaining a positive reputation is crucial for long-term success.



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