Captivating visuals play a crucial role in how potential customers interact with your content. According to a study conducted by the Nielsen Norman Group, users spent an impressive 10% more time engaging with images on a webpage, despite the text occupying a whopping 316% more space. In light of these findings, the importance of optimising your images becomes crystal clear. Ill-sized visual content not only inflates site load times, but also contributes to a higher bounce rate, diminished conversion rates, and an overall subpar user experience.

The remedy, fortunately, is swift and accessible. With the right image resizer tool, the process of resizing an image is a matter of minutes, safeguarding your website’s performance. This guide presents a list of the best online image resizer tools, all of them free and easy to use. Let’s dive in!


BatchPhoto Espresso

For Ecommerce enthusiasts with a taste for efficiency, BatchPhoto Espresso is a dream come true. This tool allows you to resize, crop and rotate multiple images simultaneously, streamlining your workflow. The intuitive interface ensures that even those unfamiliar with editing can easily navigate and resize images with precision. You can either use standard profiles such as HD or full HD, or you can manually enter your width and height of choice, expressed in pixels or percentage.



BeFunky is a quick and easy-to-use free image resizer, offering a plethora of options for effortless customization. You can use it to resize photos by width, height, or percentage scale, ensuring precise adjustments. You can also check the picture in real-time as you adjust its size. Basic resizing and editing come free. Premium options, including filters, effects, touch-ups, frames, and text, are available for a monthly fee.


Free Image Resizer by Shopify

Shopify, a renowed Ecommerce powerhouse, provides its own free image resizer tool. Tailored for online businesses, this tool is straightforward and user-friendly. All you need to do is drag and drop your pictures or upload them from your computer. The tool can edit up to six images at the same time. Shopify’s Free Image Resizer understands the specific needs of Ecommerce entrepreneurs, allowing to easily resize product photos, blog images and social media graphics.



Landscape by Sprout Social is a free image resizer that’s tailored for social media use. Perfect for platforms like Facebook, Instagram, LinkedIn, Pinterest, and YouTube, it simplifies resizing with pre-set dimensions. An additional custom resize option ensures suitability for websites and blogs. The tool allows you to choose the network, post type, and crop the image without ever entering dimensions. Its features make Landscape the go-to free image resizer for social media enthusiasts.



PhotoSize offers a user-friendly three-step wizard for efficient picture resizing. Simply add your files, apply the resize filter, and select saving options. Beyond resizing, PhotoSize allows for additional optimisations, including cropping, rotating, and automatic adjustments for contrast, brightness and saturation. This simple yet effective browser-based tool ensures your images are perfectly tailored with ease.


I Love IMG

For those seeking a comprehensive suite of image editing solutions, I Love IMG is a perfect match. This online platform offers not only resizing but also cropping, conversion, background removal and more. It even provides a built-in meme generator! A particularly useful feature of I Love IMG is the “Do not enlarge if smaller” checkbox. If you want all your images to have a specific size and some of them are smaller, the tool won’t enlarge them as long as that checkbox is ticked. This will avoid unsightly image distortion and pixelation.


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