WooCommerce development

WeCommerce digital creates and maintains WooCommerce stores for the UK’s most successful online retailers. We are experts at integrating WooCommerce with other business processes to make product, customer, payment, order, and delivery management as streamlined and effective as possible.

Effective system integration may assist businesses in mitigating popular and expensive ecommerce problems, enabling them to streamline the entire customer experience. WooCommerce excels in this regard, due to the vast range of high-quality extensions and technologies available to get you up and running quickly and efficiently.

We are a leading ecommerce agency led by a highly seasoned team of former online retail entrepreneurs, so we can see your needs from the perspective of both an online retailer and an expert ecommerce consultant.

Mobile ready

All of our websites designed and developed to work perfectly on mobile phones using mobile first approach

Simple usage

Woocommerce has a user friendly admin dashboard where you can configure antyhing in seconds


Your Woocommerce website can always be developed further using new extensions - that would allow you to improve your user experience without major changes

Third party integrations

From automated shipping to intelligent product recommendations, Woocommerce can integrate with these services easily

This is how we do it


Bespoke designs to meet every special and one-of-a-kind ecommerce requirement.


A comprehensive website build completed by our team of industry-leading developers.


To ensure streamlined ecommerce functionality, technical integration across multiple channels is required.


To keep websites running smoothly, system-wide support, maintenance, and management are provided.


Full-service digital marketing to improve the performance of ecommerce websites.

Is WooCommerce the right platform for you?

Whether or not WooCommerce is the right platform for you is entirely dependent on your company and the products you sell. If you have a large number of products and categories, or if you need the site to provide a personalised experience, such as allowing users to build or create their own products with different components and variants, WooCommerce may be the right platform for you. Your budget and income goals will also help you choose the right platform. If you are unsure about which ecommerce platform is best for your company, please contact us.

WooCommerce development includes

  • Custom design
  • Hosting setup and configuration
  • Pagespeed optimisation
  • Custom functionalities
  • 3rd party integrations
  • Payment processing setup and configuration
  • Shipping rules setup and configuration

Why choose us?

  • We have more than 10 years experience working with WooCommerce
  • Professional technical knowledge
  • We worked on huge projects (10,000 products +) with success
  • Friendly and helpful customer service
  • We are using the latest technologies and updates
  • We are proactive – that means we always come up with new ideas and fixes for your webstore
  • We have a retail background – we can give you professional tips and advice how to improve your ecommerce store