Pladora, a new hand casting company based in Hungary, was in need of an online presence to showcase and sell their unique products. The company approached us to develop a WooCommerce website that would effectively represent their brand and provide a seamless shopping experience for customers.


Pladora faced multiple challenges with their website development project, including:

  • Lack of a professional online presence
  • Difficulty in effectively showcasing their products
  • No platform for online sales
  • Need for a website that accurately reflects their brand


Arts and Crafts




Woocommerce Website Development


Our Solutions

To overcome these challenges, we worked with Pladora to develop a new WooCommerce website. The solution included:

  • A modern and visually appealing design that accurately reflects the brand and enhances the customer experience
  • Custom product pages with high-quality product images and detailed descriptions to effectively showcase Pladora’s offerings
  • Seamless integration with WooCommerce for online sales and efficient order management
  • A mobile-responsive design for a smooth shopping experience on any device

Main Goals

Woocommerce platform with mobile friendy UI

Admin interface for call center, marketers, category managers

Integrate with 3rd party shipping

Integrate with Barion payment method

Website Core Functionalities

  • Woocommerce engine
  • Delivery integration
  • Payment integration via Barion, Google Pay
  • SMS and Email updates for customers


Since launching their new WooCommerce website, Pladora has seen significant benefits, including:

  • An increase in website traffic and online sales
  • Enhanced brand recognition and customer engagement
  • Efficient order management and product updates
  • A professional online presence that accurately reflects the company’s brand

The new WooCommerce website developed by Wecommerce Digital has provided Pladora with a strong online presence and platform for selling their unique hand casting products. The visually appealing design and seamless shopping experience have boosted customer engagement and sales.

"Working with Wecommerce Digital on our WooCommerce website has been a fantastic experience. They delivered a professional and user-friendly site that accurately reflects our brand and has already made a significant impact on our business."
László Simon
Managing Director, Pladora